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Depotting Makeup: Your Guide to a More Organized Beauty Routine

Oct 7

What is Makeup Depotting?

Makeup depotting is a process of removing cosmetics from their original packaging and placing them in a more organized, compact, and customizable system, such as an empty magnetic palette. Imagine transforming your bulky eyeshadow palette into a sleek, personalized collection of your favorite shades. Now that’s an upgrade!

Not only does depotting create an organized and space-saving beauty setup, but it also allows you to:

  • Customize your makeup collection according to your preferences and needs

  • Easily travel with your favorite products. Now you can bring a little bit of EVERYTHING

  • Save money by using up every last bit of product

  • Reduce packaging waste

  • Share new depotted makeup with friends & family to make sure everything gets used before it expires

  • If you are a makeup artist, kit split with other artists to help reduce waste and save money

Professional makeup artists, beauty enthusiasts, and even casual makeup wearers can all benefit from depotting their makeup. So grab your empty makeup palette, sanitizer, spatula, and heat source, and let’s get to depotting!

Tools You'll Need for Depotting Makeup

Before diving into the depotting process, you’ll need to gather some essential tools. These tools include:

  • A heat source like a Z Potter. You can also use a hair straightener on low heat.

  • Extendable Pick-Up Magnet to help pick up tin plated metal pans.

  • A variety of spatulas and prying tools.

  • Sanitizing solutions and something to help with sticky glue mess such as Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner.

  • You'll need some metal disks with adhesive for all the pans that are aluminum.

  • An empty magnetic palette to hold your depotted makeup.

  • If you are decanting your cream and liquid makeup, you will also want to get some pump bottles or squeeze bottles. Squeezable Bottles also work well for powders.

These tools will help you loosen the glue, pry the pans out of their original containers, and transfer the makeup into a more organized and compact system to fill your new palette, all without breaking the bank on price.

Magnetic palettes come in various sizes and designs, so you can choose the one that best fits your makeup collection and personal style. TinyProKit palettes come in several sizes and colors featuring incredible magnetic strength. Each can be paired with a variety of empty tin pans exclusively made to fit inside our palettes.

By transferring your depotted makeup into a magnetic palette, you’ll create a more organized, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing makeup setup.


There is no doubt, depotting makeup is a game-changing technique that can revolutionize your beauty routine. By learning the process and gathering the necessary tools, you can create a more organized, compact, and customized makeup collection. Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or a casual makeup wearer, depotting makeup can help you streamline your beauty setup, reduce waste, and promote more mindful consumption of cosmetics. So grab your empty magnetic palette, spatula, and any of the other tools we've covered and embark on the exciting journey of depotting your makeup!